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Back in 1999, Ryan Neves was the software developer for wholesale division of Textile Management Systems, the third largest textile accounting and management software in the country. They developed a product called RollMaster ( which is still widely known and utilized across the county today. The following year, Ryan decided to enter the political arena with a run for school board; as often happens in political campaigns, family and friends got involved. Ryan's brother, Todd Neves, was well into a career designing and implementing local and wide area computer networks (LAN/WAN) as well as telephone systems for a small local company. As they developed Ryan's campaign message, and roughed out artwork and concepts to advertise the campaign, they engaged an advertising agency to help put things all together. It didn't take long for them to realize that the work they were submitting wasn't changed prior to becoming the final product. That's when they realized, "We can do this.”

Another candidate running for County Commissioner engaged the brothers to help out with his campaign, and soon a local bank asked for help with their marketing efforts. Thus, Neves Media was formed. While the Neves boys didn't leave their current careers right away, they began developing their skills, purchasing the necessary equipment, and focused on putting out a better product than the local market was producing. With a strong background in computer hardware and software, and the industry quickly going digital, the Neves brothers embraced the opportunity to be the most high-tech guys in the regional market.

Neves Media Productions was created with the idea that (unlike many advertising agencies that subcontract out the actual creative and production work, or local stations around the region who focus on getting clients on air as opposed to ensuring the proper creative message) the Neves Media team would craft the proper message, in the best quality possible. Now in 2011, we've grown to 8 employees and have a permanent studio in Panama City, Florida and a small branch office in Atlanta, Georgia. Our growth plans over the next few years include Orlando and Philadelphia.

Giving back to the communities we work in is important to Neves Media. We support over 26 charities each year. Non-profit organizations do valuable work with limited resources, and by participating many of their events, we help to grow our area, and ultimately benefit all of our families and businesses.

Companies like The Weather Channel, The Learning Channel, Comcast, Knology, and even concert greats like Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, .38 Special, John Anderson, Styx, and Blues Traveler have used Neves Media's video production expertise for their video projects.

In addition to video production, we provide award-winning graphic and website design, media buying, and full-service public relations and marketing consulting.

Neves Media handles every aspect of your media development in-house. No middle man, only the best service with one company handling the spectrum of your creative development. We look forward to working with your company or organization.

National Recognition

Knology (NYSE; KNOL) engages Neves Media for a week long shoot in Mexico.

What our customers say...

"These guys never cease to amaze us!"
- Bosco Lasic, Drink Solutions - Orlando, Florida

"Impressive doesn't even begin to describe your work."
- Kevin Schneider, Horizon Coach - Orlando, Florida

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